“My family and I have been going to Dr.Scott for years and I highly recommend him. Dr. Scott is caring, and patient and never have I felt rushed through an appointment or that I'm on an assembly line. He has helped us with everything from chiropractic and orthotics to concussion and rehab. His Receptionist Leslie is friendly and very efficient. As long as Dr. Scott is in business we will be clients."



"Very professional and knowledgeable. Cares about you and your overall well being. Highly recommend Dr. Scott for anyone with sports related concerns. I have our children do baseline concussion testing every year."


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I made an appointment with Dr. McCrimmon and after only one session, my range of motion when turning my head was back to 50% of normal and the pain had subsided significantly. 3 more sessions later (4 in total), I am back to 100% range of motion when turning my head and the pain in my neck and back has virtually disappeared.
The final result after 4 visits (8 Days) was astonishing and if someone had told me this could be done, I would never have believed them.
Thank You Dr.McCrimmon for taking the time to explain the process and for fixing the aches and pains, you have a new client for life!"


Growing up with Scoliosis and wearing a back brace for 3 years made me extremely self-conscious. I also was an extremely stubborn child who believed I could help herself... well that was not the case. After years of persistence from my parents and numerous doctors telling me to take care of myself, I agreed to go visit our local chiropractor Dr. McCrimmon or as I called him Dr. Scott. 

Going into the first session I was nervous but Scott immediately made me feel comfortable and allowed me to ask as many questions as I wanted to understand why it was necessary to take care of my back. 

I have been visiting Scott for over 6 years now and continuously look forward to my weekly adjustments!



Splitting headaches from poor posture. 3 short visits later I am pain-free and loving it! Thanks Scott and Leslie!

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When I first met Dr. McCrimmon, it was clear that he had the knowledge and patience to partner with me in pursuing my health goals.  He pointed out that years of rounded shoulders, improper lifting and ignoring little aches and pains had brought me to this point – and the recovery process was going to take time and work.  Paying for past sins.  It was going to be “baby steps” – and he was right. It took years to do the damage – and I had to be patient and invested in my recovery.  The beginning wasn’t easy – stretching and moving my shoulder was often uncomfortable – but I was making progress. And now, six months later – I am thrilled to say that my shoulder is profoundly better – and I am eternally grateful to Dr. McCrimmon.  Kind, compassionate and professional – you have my heartfelt thanks. My road to better mobility isn’t over – and I’m glad I have Dr. McCrimmon as a partner."



Dr. Scott is the best! So kind and caring. He truly wants the best for his patients. My son was in an accident recently and developed severe neck pain, had difficulty sleeping. I called the office and was told to bring my son in that evening even tho I knew they were completely booked, they stayed later to help him. I expected a quick 5-minute appointment, this was not the case. Dr. Scott took his time to assess my son's injury and was quick to diagnose, treat and relieve my son's neck pain. Thank you Dr. Scott and staff for looking after my boy! I can’t thank you enough! Shannon 👍

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"After an assessment and initial treatment, I felt immediate relief. After about 4-5 treatments I was almost back to my usual self. Another benefit I gained was a huge reduction in my reaction to seasonal allergies, something quite unexpected but obviously welcomed!

Dr. Scott stands above them all. His genuine positive attitude, patience, professionalism and personal care continually provides me with a feeling of improved well-being every time I leave his office.

I feel extremely fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Scott. I plan to remain a patient for many years to come."



I started Osteopathic treatments with Paul in the Spring of 2016 for hip pain and had great results. I continue to see him monthly for maintenance and it is wonderful to be pain free.